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  1. Introduction

  2. Aishah’s marriage and her exact age

  3. The ancient historical references

  4. Some thought-provoking suggestions

  5. Some historical facts that need considering carefully:

    1. The age of Aishah in relationship to the age of her sister Asma

    2. Abu Bakr’s children were born before the advent of Islam

    3. Abu Bakr’s marriage to Umm Ruman

    4. Aishah was one of the first children to embrace Islam

    5. Some background details of the marriage

    6. Abu Bakr’s concern about the delay of Aishah’s full wedding

    7. Aishah was playing on a swing when called to her marriage

    8. The date of the death of Aishah

    9. The status of the narratives in the Sahih collections

    10. Sayyid Sulayman Nadvi’s statement examined

    11. Aishah’s dolls

    12. Aishah’s ‘playmates’

    13. Aishah’s Needlework

    14. Aishah’s Account of the Miraj and the Hijrah

    15. Aishah’s role in the Battle of Uhud

    16. Aishah’s knowledge

    17. Her status as a jurist

  6. Conclusion







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